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The Collegian                                                        Full Story Click Here
December 5, 2007

Through the world of art, one student is making a difference in the lives of children—by helping them heal one paintbrush at a time.

SE student Jan Stumbo is a self-taught artist and the founder of the Soul Art Project, a non-profit organization that allows children in shelters to deal with their emotions using crayons, paint, scissors and glue.

With the Christmas holidays approaching, Stumbo is currently sponsoring a drive through which she hopes to send art supplies to 100 sheltering agencies. A collection box for will be set up outside the student activities office on SE Campus.


Weatherford Democrat                                        Full Story Click Here
July 3, 2007

Expression through art is what Jan Stumbo believes is the perfect therapy for children who survive natural disasters. Children misplaced from their homes in Horseshoe Bend due to rising flood waters, were given the opportunity to transform their deepest feelings into masterpieces. Stumbo visited the American Red Cross shelter at Shirley Hall Middle School to help evacuees. She did the same for child victims during Hurricane Katrina


Associated Press Texas News                          Full Story Click Here

June 29, 2007

Artist Jan Stumbo said she started "The Soul Art Project," taking her art supplies to disaster scenes and holding impromptu art lessons to help children cope, after Hurricane Katrina. She said she plans to showcase the art created in the shelters in a series of exhibits. 


AMS Explores the Art of Living                         Full Story Click Here

AMS Production Group recently wrapped a 26-week series of 30 minute episodes, The Art of Living Gallery, exploring the healing effects that accompany the creative process – both art and music. The series was produced for the Veria network, a subsidiary of Zee TV, whose programming focuses entirely on healthy living and wellness. 


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